My first 5K

It’s been a month since I ran my first 5K. So what better time to post my race day recap right? Better late than never I say.

Anyway I had to get up super early for my race because I had to pick up my race packet day of race. I had to be out-of-town the night before and wasn’t able to pick it up. Here’s Norah and I bright-eyed first thing in the morning.


I wasn’t sure how busy pick up would be and I wanted to get there with time to not feel rushed. My college roommate was coming into town to run with me and her husband was running the half. So we met them early and got great parking. I guess everyone showed up the night before for pick up and slept a little longer. There was lots of time standing around waiting luckily it was at a children’s museum and Norah could play on the outdoor equipment.

They called for the half marathoners to line up around 8:45. We all headed up to the start and waited for out turn. The half marathoners went first. Then about 15 minutes later the 10Kers went and luckily we only had to wait a couple of minutes before they let us 5Kers go. I was so nervous waiting. Luckily Lauren was there to keep talking to me and keep my mind off it. I seriously think I would have been a wreck if she wasn’t there (she’d run a 5K before).

Finally we started into the pretty scenery. The start of the race was near some farm land. We went around a corner and…son of a…. it was a hill. Ugh. First thing? Really? Had to push hard right off the bat to get up that one. Our course turned off to the left and we went into a housing development which is where we ran most of our race. There were lots of ups and downs back there. I felt pretty winded and tired. I really wanted to break but Lauren was my constant motivator. She stayed right with me and told me not to give up and to keep pushing. I still wanted to die though. But I kept going.

The last mile really killed me. I really slowed but we kept moving with the pack. Finally we could hear the cow bells going and knew we were getting close. Lauren pushed me to pass a few groups of people in front of us. Then we turned back onto the road we started and the finish was close. I stepped it up so that I could finish strong. Lauren advised not to push too hard too soon. So I slowed it down and pushed hard down the slope to the finish.

I had been trying to run faster in my runs leading up to the race. I PR’ed one night at 38 minutes. Lauren said let’s go for a sub 35. WHAT? I pushed harder my next run and hit 36 minutes. Ok this might be doable. And you know what? I CRUSHED it! Official time? 32:44. CRUSHED IT!


Mitch and Norah were close to the finish and I think Norah saw me before Mitch did. She came running up the path to me and gave me a huge hug. It felt great to finish faster than I had ever hoped and then to be greeted by Norah like that.

After our race we grabbed some snacks from the food table and waited around for Lauren’s husband to finish the half. He was hoping to set a PR as well and did by finishing in 1:28. Crazy! As soon as he finished Norah couldn’t wait any more. She HAD to do her race.

We made our way over to the kids course. It was just a little obstacle course with weaving around cones, jumping jacks and push ups, a tire pull among other things. She booked it through the course like it was a straight up race. Here are some pictures from her “race.”

She filled this bucket with gourds hoisted it up the tree. She thought this was soon fun she lifted it SEVERAL times.


Army crawling.


The grand finish through the bounce house (her favorite). Can I take a moment to say how cute are those little shorts? I grabbed a pair of the C9 shorts from the girls department in and XS and they fit. It was perfect for her race day outfit. Love them!


Norah and I after her race. She got a medal and was so proud. I was too. She was so into it  and that makes me so happy. I hope soon I can find her a real “race” for kids.


We were all so tired from a fun tilled morning. Norah took a great nap and I stuffed my face all day. I seriously felt like I needed to eat all the food. That shouldn’t happen after a 5K should it? Cause it definitely did. Oops.

And that is the recap of my first 5K race. I hope to do more after my ankle heels up and my husband is currently doing Couch to 5K to participate with me next time. Can’t wait!


Hello again

Hello there. Remember me? It’s been a while huh? Yeah. I know. I’ve been away a while but I really do miss my blog. Let’s see if I can pick this up again shall we?

A few major things have happened since I last blogged. 1. I RAN MY FIRST 5K! 2. I got hurt. I think I will save a recap of my 5K for another post. Better late than never right? This post I will focus on my injury since that is currently where I’m at in my running.

My 5K was on a Saturday and for whatever reason (I’m not entirely sure) I didn’t get out for a run again until that Thursday night (three weeks ago today). Not long into my run I started to feel a twinge of pain shooting up the outside of my right leg starting at my ankle. I tried to push through it but by mile 1 I was afraid something was really wrong and I stopped running. I walked home (almost called my husband but didn’t want him to pack up the toddler to drive a few minutes). It was a long mile home. I was so confused because I didn’t do anything noticable like roll my ankle or anything to cause the pain.

The pain kept me up half the night tossing and turning and I could barely stand up the next morning. I stayed home from work and made an appointment with my foot doctor. I’ve been to two different foot doctors here in the past. One gives you a cordosone shot and sends you on your way. The other has a physical therapy office attached to it and always sends you there. I went to the one with physical therapy because they were the last ones I had been too.

At first she seemed puzzled when I said the pain shoots more up the front side of my ankle. I had also mentioned that last year I have peroneal tendonitis in my left ankle. To which she quickly concluded the same for my new injury. Not so sure about that but whatever. She gave me a very expensive air cast and then told me someone would call to set up PT.

No one called for almost 2 weeks and honestly I know the exercises to do at home from last time and going to appointments would mean rearranging my work schedule AND my husbands to make sure someone could pick up the toddler. Plus the early morning and evening appointments are always the most popular times and always booked up so I probably couldn’t have made those as my times. Anyway I never called back and never went.

So here we are three weeks after I got hurt and I’m still not running. I’m sad. All I want to do is get out and start running. I hate sitting around. People tell me that’s good that I miss it because that means I really love it. But I’m going crazy here. Tomorrow is my day off and I was hoping to make that my first run back. But I still have a slight pain sometimes and I’m afraid of trying too soon. But I really don’t know how much longer I can take this.

Have you had an injury sideline you? How long were you not able to run? How did you deal with wanting to get out and move?

Support System

Friday nights run was a difficult one. All day had been psyching myself up to go for a run after work. I had only gone for one run this week on Wednesday night and I was disappointed in myself. Life had just gotten in the way with appointments and things that needed to be done. So I was set to go for my run.
Well at about 3:30 while sitting at work I hit some sort of a wall. I felt so nauseous and sick I didn’t know what to do. Luckily I was leaving at 4 so I didn’t have long to make it at work. I left work, picked up the tot and went home. Where I basically laid on the floor while she played games on the iPad next to me (winning at parenting right there). I felt so weak and gross I just didn’t want to move for fear that the room would start spinning. After some texts with my husband it was decided and I needed some carbs and he stopped and picked me up a sandwich from Subway for dinner. After I ate I felt a little better.
I’ve been feeling like this a lot lately by the end of the day. I’m not sure if it is because I’ve been on a diet all month that involves cutting out carbs and sugar but I still continue to run. I don’t really run that much. A few miles a few nights a week. It’s not like I’m training for a marathon or anything but geeze it hit me last night pretty bad.
After I ate and started to feel better I still wasn’t sure if I should go for a run. My husband knew better and told me to go. I was all “but I didn’t feel good and I just ate 45 minutes ago.” And he was all “but you told me you were mad you didn’t run this week and you will regret not going. So just go.” It took a few back and forths of this before I got up to go. He’s good like that.
I headed out at about 7 o’clock. There was no one out running. I just decided to take my time and see how I feel. If I started to feel sick I would just turn back. I went my most recent route to run my 3.1 miles. I thought a few times on the run that I will cut the run short and just do a shorter run this time. Because any distance is better than none right?
I was dreading the hills going uphill on my way back to the house. By the time I got to the hills there were a lot of people out and about walking around. I totally forgot it was First Friday and everyone would be out for the evening (this explains the lack of runners I saw). So I pushed hard to get up the hill and past the people walking. I couldn’t be struggling along at a snails pace “running” behind people walking. 1. That’s just sad and 2. People hear you huffing along behind them and keep looking back waiting for you to pass them. So yeah I really had to push it. Same thing happened on the second hill I come across on the way home. More people out walking. Again I pushed ahead. Ugh. Seriously people go home! lol. But seriously though it was probably good they were out. Otherwise it would have taken me much longer to go my distance. And truthfully even though I pushed hard on those 2 hills I still didn’t have the best times. First mile was the fasted at about 12:38 and the other 2 miles were over a 13 minute mile. I know I’m no pro and don’t really expect much more than at 12:30 mile at this point but it makes me sad to see those 13’s on there.
Hope to improve my time on the next run. It was an off day. And I hope that I don’t feel sick like that again. Anyone ever feel like that? Do I need to keep some form of carbs in my daily diet if I’m running (albeit not a ton)? Do you have someone in your life that pushes you to go for runs you know you want to go on but just aren’t feeling it?

I got a Garmin!

My birthday is next week but my IL’s wanted to celebrate early due to their schedules. So we celebrated last weekend. And guys? Guess what they got me? THEY GOT ME A GARMIN! OMG OMG OMG! I’m so excited! I wanted to rip it open and go for a run right then. But you know that would be rude. So I waited. Look! So pretty!


I got to go for my first run with my watch last night. It was great. I loved that I could just look down at my wrist and see how far I had gone. Before my last run I had just been hoping that by the time  I got back to my house I would have run 3 miles. Most of the time I was wrong.

Since I ran my first 3 mile run and then my subsequent 5K I want to always run at least 3 miles. i know I can do it now so there’s no excuse not to. Right?

I ran my second 5K last night. I ran the exact same distance 3.17 miles in 40 minutes. That is a full 3 minutes (almost 4) faster than my last run! I never slowed to a walk on this run. That means I kept going up the hills on the way home. And the hills are pretty steep in a few spots. I felt great! Not giving up is a great feeling.


I checked my breakdown after my run. My pace got slower but about a minute each mile. Is there an opposite to negative splits? Because I totally did that! I am so awesome.

My first 5K

Saturday morning I woke up early with every intention of running a 5K distance. I had been so close last week I had to finally hit that point I had to do it. We were going out of town that day so I had to go early.

I think I made it out the door by about 6:45am. That is super early for me! I can’t even get out of bed that early when I have to go to work! HA!

I threw on my clothes (which I had laid out the night before) and left. I wasn’t feeling super great that morning but I was determined to reach my goal. I started out good (I feel like I say that every time). It was still a little cloudy and I debated on wearing my sunglasses in case the sun came out. My husband said I would be fine so I left them at home. Well not half way into the run the sun came out. Ugh. I have really sensitive eyes and I have a hard time seeing without glasses when the sun is out. I tried to stay on the shady sides of the roads I was on.

I ran a block further into the city on my way back hoping that would push me to the 3.1 mile mark. That street was a pretty decent hill on the way back into the city so I did have to slow and walk up the hill. I just couldn’t help it. I made it back to the street I use to get back to my house. Ran past my house a bit to the end of the ally and back down on the main road before running down the connecting street past my street and loop back (I really wanted to make sure I hit my distance without having to slow down to take my phone off my arm to check.

I pulled it off as I walked the last few steps to my door. THREE POINT ONE SEVEN!!!! I did it! I ran (walked a bit) a 5K! I was so thrilled to have finally done it. It was a great feeling. It was a slower pace than my last few runs but I don’t care. Just to say I’ve run a 5K is enough for me right now. Now I feel like I could sign up for a race and actually realistically run it.


Runs week of 7/22

Just realized I haven’t posted anything all week. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out there running! I’ve manged to run two nights so far this week.
First I went out on Monday night. I wasn’t going to go because I’ve been feeling very run down lately. Just feeling generally drained like all I want to do is sleep and when I do sleep it’s not very well. But on Monday I had gotten my sample of ENERGYbits in the mail and thought “hey why not try them out.” (I will do a full review on these I think after I use them a few times).
So I took my ENERGYbits and hit the streets. I had planed to just go out for a short run since I wasn’t feeling my best. Well once I was out there I felt pretty darn good and just kept going. The weather was perfect mid-70’s cloudy and a nice breeze. Couldn’t ask for more right? Well that night I ran my furthest distance to date 2.68 miles. I was feeling pretty darn good about myself.
Truth: I did walk maybe a minute or less going up hill on the way home. I just didn’t have it in me for a minute needed to catch my breath. So I broke and walked. But my pace and distance were still good.
My next run was on Wednesday night. Again I took some ENERGYbits and hit the streets taking advantage of the beautiful weather this week. I had been feeling a little better on a whole that day but I was hoping to break 3 miles run that night. I just had it in my head I had to do. I mean I completed the whole Couch to 5K program but have never run 3miles! I had to do it. So I went on my “longer” route. I was feeling good. I thought I would hit the 3 mile mark. Well when I was getting closer to home I checked my distance and I wasn’t quite there yet. So I ran past my street some and then turned and went back. Then I ran down the street that connects to mine past my street and back up to my house. STILL not 3 miles! So I went past my house into the ally about half way down and then back to my door. 3.01 miles! I DID IT! So proud. It was such a high to have accomplished that.
I’ll be perfectly honest here for a minute. I almost tweeted that I finally ran a 5K.Then I thought better of it and checked. A 5K is three point ONE miles not three point OH ONE miles. Oops. Glad I checked before embarrassing myself on twitter. Instead I’ll embarrass myself here. But whatever I ran 3 whole freaking miles! Yeah!
Question: Did you reach any goals this week?

Treadmill take 2

When my alarm went off Saturday morning my body said it wasn’t time to get up. After a few snoozes I just turned the alarm off. I had two thoughts in mind for my run that day. Get up and go to the Y as soon as it opened or if the weather wasn’t too bad just run outside. Since I never woke up the outside run was definitely out for the day.

Once everyone was up we decided that we should go to the Y for the Tot to get some energy out. She loves to swim. After some online research we found that “family swim” doesn’t start until 1pm. Why do they do that? Most kids take an afternoon nap and family swim never starts until late on the weekends. So after so debate we decided to head to the Y right when family swim starts. I was going to run first and then join the hubs and Tot in the pool after.

Treadmill run was tough. It was hot,, there were tons of people on the treadmills already (cue self-consciousness) and I was feeling a little run down today. I trudged through the run trying not to slow below a 4.6 or 4.8 speed. I did break once and slow to maybe a 3.8 to walk for a minute or two. I was just really having a hard time moving. I’ve also been having a hard time breathing in the heat when I run. I had only set the treadmill to do 30 minutes and I wanted to stop about half way through.

Wanna know what kinda kept me going? There was a girl on the treadmill one over from me that was running when I got there and was still going. She had been running longer than I had. I couldn’t just give up and let her see. She was still going when I left too! Crazy lady!

I managed to run 2.27 miles. My RunKeeper app doesn’t track the run inside at all. It said I went .09 miles! HA! So I manually typed in that I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes. It calculated my pace at 13:13. Slower than I I have been but I’m still working on my pace.

Once my time was up and quick jumped off to grab my things from the pool area to shower and change. I got a new bathing suite last night and got to try it out right away. Yay! I’ve been eyeing the suit since the beginning of the summer…but I digress. It felt AWESOME to get into that pool after sweating like a hog on the treadmill. I wish I could do that all the time! We spent quite a lot of time in the pool. Probably too long. But the Tot was having a great time. She’s a total water baby.

One hot run

I needed to get a run in today. I missed the one I wanted last night because I had to go get a new battery for my car key, which by the way it was not the battery and it took 30 minutes of standing around waiting to be helped to find this out. So no fixed car key and no run made for a mad/sad Hayley. I needed to go tonight.

I went back and forth between going to the gym or running outside. It was 92 degrees outside but felt like 97 degrees at 7pm. That is just crazy hot. I had checked the temperature maybe 15 minutes before that and it said feels like 100! WHAT? I decided on just running outside because I’m too lazy to get in my car and drive to the gym. So I laced up and headed out.

It was brutal out. Luckily the sun wasn’t really out. I thought I would do a quick run down and back. But I found myself turning to go a bit further. I did my best to run the whole time. I did break down and walk a teeny tiny bit on the path I take to turn around to come home. I was having a hard time breathing in the heat and my headphone cord was getting stuck on my arm so I used that time to fix that.

I really felt like I was dragging in the heat but I just had to get out there and not skip any more runs. I used the downhill parts to get some speed. I also somehow managed a short burst of energy running up hill on the way home.

Tonight I tried the RunKeeper app to track my run. I’m still trying to find an app I love. This one was pretty good. I’m not sure I like the chiming in every 5 minutes to tell me how much time has elapsed. I know I can go into settings to change that but I didn’t even know that was going to happen until I was out there. I think the real test for the app will be if I go for another run on the treadmill to see how accurate it is.


I ran on a treadmill…once

We are currently in the middle of a heat wave. It is so freaking hot here I can barely stand to go outside. In fact we are still under a heat advisory for about another 30 minutes tonight. I thought I would be smart and beat the heat. Go to the gym! Right? Run on a treadmill in a nice air-conditioned building. GENIUS!


I swear to you no lie it was hotter in that gym that it was outside! For reals! I sweat like a mother in there. So yucky. I’m pretty sure when I left there were little sweat drops on my treadmill.l

Ok so here’s how the run went other than the heat. I started off at a pace of I think maybe 4.5mph. I like that I can set a pace. I sped up to 5mph and kept it at that pace for most of my run. I left the incline at like .5 because I wanted to enjoy a flatter run. No up downs of the streets I’m used to. I felt pretty good running at this speed, other that the sweat dripping all down my face (note to self: bring a towel to the gym).

My problem with the treadmill is this. I don’t really want to watch tv while I’m running so I have music. But then my problem is where to I look? If I look ahead it’s a blank tv. If I look down I’m OCD checking the distance (which is what I ended up doing) or I can look to the side to stare at the buildings across the street. But I find when I do that I waver and kinda feel like I’m puling to the side. What do you do when you are on the treadmill? It really makes the time drag when I’m checking the time and distance every 2 seconds!

Final thought. I set my Nike plus app to track this run. I went in and said I was on a treadmill. Well when the treadmill was at .88miles the Nike app chimed in that I was at 1mile. Then again at 1.77miles it said 2miles. My final treadmill distance was 2miles and I like a 12 something pace. The Nike app said 2.27miles with a pace of 11:26. Not that I’m complaining about that pace but I don’t know I believe that is accurate. Wouldn’t the treadmill be more accurate?



Oh one more thing. I’m still on the hunt for a good pair of shorts to run in that don’t ride up. I went to our Nike outlet on my lunch break that afternoon and picked up a pair or compression shorts to try. They are super short for my comfort but I wore them to the gym anyway. I felt like I ran faster (although that could be the treadmill) but they still shrank up when I was moving. So needless to say I’m still open to suggestions. Or should I just give up on finding the perfect pair of shorts? Can’t wait for the fall and capris!


First week post C25K

Since my graduation from Couch to 5K last weekend I have only managed to run twice. I don’t really know where the time went this week but it flew by. They both were evening runs. My first run was an early evening on Wednesday night. It was still pretty hot out and the sun was still shining. I did at quick 2 miles with a pace of 13:13. Not bad. I was struggling though. The sun really gets to me I think. I noticed there were a lot of runners out at this time. It must be the popular running time around here.


My second run was last night. Much later in the evening. The sun was just starting to set, so while it was still hot out I did not have the blazing hot sun on my back to compete with. This run went a lot smoother than the last one. I had several moments where I was able to speed up and hold that pace for a bit. Once was even UP hill (gasp). Some of those bursts of energy were so that I could pass some people walking who could hear me coming and kept looking over their shoulders waiting for my arrival. So I had to burst past them and get a good distance ahead before slowing down again. This run was 2.28 miles with a pace of 12:38. I scrolled back through my Couch to 5K log and I do believe this is a new PR! Most of those runs were done with a 13-14 minute/mile. This felt really good. We had spent the whole day in the car on a mini road trip to find something (that I never did get- another story maybe for another time) so maybe I was just tired of being cooped up. Maybe it was the lack of sun beating down on me. Whatever it was it felt great!


I used the Nike app for my iPhone after a few people recommended it to me on Twitter. I’m not sure I love it. It’s ok. I really want a watch though (gotta start saving up). The app will do for now. It was hard picking one because one person would say they LOVED the app and the next they HATED it. To each their own I guess.

I really enjoyed doing these free runs. Mostly I think because I felt I could chose to go whichever way I wanted when I would get to the end of a path. There was no “well I should go this way because I think there is still (insert amount of time here) left” I could just go whatever way my heart felt like it. If I felt like not being out as long I could go one way. If wanted to maybe try for a longer run I could go that way. So freeing. So much more enjoyable. I’m hoping to squeeze in more runs this week but I think I heard rumors of a heat wave coming on so it should be an interesting week.

Also side note: I’m on the hunt for good running shorts that don’t ride up. What are some of your favorites? I have bigger thighs and am finding it very difficult. I have 2 Nike pairs in various lengths that all ride up. Thinking of trying compression shorts even though I’m super self-conscious. I wear the compression capris so I’m not sure why I feel the shorts would be any different. What are your thoughts?